Dentures (Prosthodontics)

Prosthodontics is a recognized dental specialty encompassing the restoration and replacement of teeth and associated structures with prostheses. These prosthetics can be fixed (e.g., crowns, bridges) or removable (e.g., dentures, implant-supported prostheses). Prosthodontists complete extensive postgraduate training after dental school, focusing on the aesthetics, function, and biocompatibility of dental restorations. Their expertise encompasses complex cases, including implant dentistry, maxillofacial prosthodontics, and management of temporomandibular joint disorders.

Wisdom Tooth Removal / Extraction (Oral Surgery)

Oral and maxillofacial surgery encompasses a diverse spectrum of surgical interventions within the craniofacial complex. This surgical specialty diagnoses, treats, and manages diseases, injuries, and defects involving the teeth, jaws, maxillofacial bones, associated tissues, and structures of the head and neck. Oral surgeons possess a comprehensive understanding of facial anatomy, physiology, and pathology, enabling them to perform a wide range of procedures, from routine tooth extractions and dental implant placement to complex orthognathic jaw surgery and ablative tumor resection with microvascular reconstruction.

Pediatric Dentist (Pedodontics)

Pedodontics, also sometimes referred to as pediatric dentistry, is a recognized dental specialty dedicated to the oral health care of infants, children, and adolescents. Pedodontists undergo rigorous postgraduate training following dental school, equipping them with the unique knowledge and skills required to manage the developing dentition and address the specific dental needs of a younger patient population. Their expertise encompasses preventive care, restorative dentistry tailored to children’s teeth, interceptive orthodontics to guide proper jaw growth, and management of childhood oral diseases.

Implants (Periodontics)

Periodontics is a vital branch of dentistry specializing in the intricate structures that support your teeth. Encompassing the gums, alveolar bone, and periodontal ligament, these structures form the periodontium, the foundation for a healthy smile. Periodontists are highly trained dental professionals dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of periodontal disease, the leading cause of tooth loss. Their expertise extends to dental implant surgery and maintenance, ensuring optimal functionality and aesthetics for patients with missing teeth.

Aligners & Braces (Orthodontics)

Orthodontics is a recognized dental specialty encompassing the diagnosis, prevention, management, and correction of dental and skeletal irregularities. Orthodontists are dentists who have completed advanced postgraduate training focused on dentofacial structures, including teeth, jaws, and associated musculature. Their expertise lies in correcting malocclusions, commonly referred to as bad bites, which can involve misaligned teeth, improper jaw relationships, and dysfunctional chewing patterns. Orthodontic treatment utilizes various appliances, such as fixed braces and clear aligners, to meticulously move teeth into their ideal positions, ultimately achieving optimal oral health, function, and aesthetics.

Root Canal (Endodontics)

Endodontics constitutes a vital dental specialty focused on the intricate diagnosis, treatment, and preservation of the dental pulp – the soft tissue residing within the inner chamber of the tooth. Endodontists, following rigorous postgraduate training, possess unparalleled expertise in managing the health of this critical tissue. Their primary focus lies in preserving natural teeth through procedures like root canal therapy. This involves meticulous removal of diseased or inflamed pulp, thorough cleaning and disinfection of the root canal system, and subsequent sealing to prevent future complications. Endodontists also play a key role in performing microsurgical procedures on the root and surrounding tissues when conservative treatment approaches are deemed insufficient. By virtue of their in-depth knowledge and advanced skillset, endodontists play an essential role in safeguarding oral health and maximizing the longevity of natural teeth.

Oral and Maxillofacial Medicine/Diagnosis & Radiology (OMD&R)

Oral and Maxillofacial Medicine/Diagnosis & Radiology (OMD&R) represents a cornerstone specialty within dentistry, fostering a crucial link between oral health and systemic healthcare.

  • Comprehensive Diagnosis & Management: OMD&R specialists wield expertise in diagnosing and managing a broad spectrum of diseases affecting the oral cavity, jaws, and head and neck region.
  • Bridging Medicine & Dentistry: They possess a keen understanding of how systemic diseases can manifest orally, enabling them to identify potential health concerns and collaborate effectively with medical professionals for optimal patient care.
  • Non-surgical Treatment Focus: OMD&R often prioritizes non-surgical treatment modalities, employing medications and therapies to effectively manage oral pathologies.
  • Advanced Imaging Expertise: This specialty integrates in-depth knowledge of dental radiography and advanced imaging technologies (e.g., CT scans, cone-beam CT) for accurate diagnosis and meticulous treatment planning.

By encompassing both clinical expertise and advanced diagnostic capabilities, OMD&R specialists play a vital role in ensuring comprehensive oral healthcare and promoting patient well-being.