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Dhariya’s Clinic in Pune is your family’s all-in-one healthcare HQ! We offer dental care, checkups, advanced proctology, and even minor surgeries, all under one roof for ultimate convenience. Our top-notch team uses the latest tools and techniques to keep your family healthy, from routine visits to getting the care they need. 

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Glad to Help

We may diagnose diseases, but we treat people. Your story matters as much as your symptoms.

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Individual Approach

Why Choose Us

Medical Privacy

We prioritize the utmost confidentiality of your health data. Your privacy is at the core of our commitment to patient care.

Modern Equipment

Equipped with advanced technology for accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Quality & Safety

Committed to high-quality care with advanced protocols for patient safety.

Qualified Doctors

Our team of experienced, board-certified doctors offers comprehensive expertise for exceptional care.

Emergency Help

In the event of a medical emergency, our clinic is equipped to provide immediate medical attention. Don't hesitate to seek help – we're here for you 24/7.

Individual Approach

Our personalized approach focuses on in-depth consultations to tailor treatment plans to your unique health goals.

Personalized Treatment

Tailored treatment plans address your individual needs. We work with you to craft a personalized approach for optimal health outcomes.

Modern Treatment

Utilizing the latest medical advancements, we offer innovative diagnostic tools and evidence-based therapies for optimal results.

Healthy and Happy Patients

Our Satisfied Patients

We consistently receive positive feedback from our patients who appreciate our commitment to compassionate care, state-of-the-art technology, and achieving exceptional outcomes. Many choose us as their trusted partner for their long-term health journey.

Perfect Medical Services

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