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Dhariya’s Clinic in Pune is your family’s all-in-one healthcare HQ! We offer dental care, checkups, advanced proctology, and even minor surgeries, all under one roof for ultimate convenience. Our top-notch team uses the latest tools and techniques to keep your family healthy, from routine visits to getting the care they need.¬†

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Emergency Cases

+91 7350090111

    - Dr. Sanket Anil Dhariya
      (General Physician)

+91 8308340122

   - Dr. Shruti Gujarathi-Dhariya

We provide 24/7 professional emergency home service for Needy & Senior Citizens

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Dr. Sanket Anil Dhariya

M.S. (General Surgery)
+91 7350090111

Dr. Shruti Gujarathi - Dhariya

+91 9970563895
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